The Flowers Collection

We are excited to announce the launch of

The Flowers Collection

Vases by James Friedberg

for Charlotte Moss.

Charlotte and James have created a unique glass collection inspired by the myriad ways flowers provide inspiration—indoors and out.

Each vase is specifically created with a muse in mind; Gloria Vanderbilt for her artistry and single flower arrangements, C.Z. Guest and her passion for orchids and roses, Constance Spry for her imagination and inventiveness, Lee Radziwill for her elegant florals and botanicals, to name a few.

Our FLEUR nosegay vase is handblown in a white Venetian swirl. It was created for single blossoms or small bouquets that can go just about anywhere!

GLORIA, our opaline fluted vase, is suited to any small, compact bouquet with your favorite flowers.

The COLETTE vase, footed with side rings, reflects its inspiration; a classical Greek amphora.

For large scaled arrangements, our CONSTANCE vase is suitable for tall branches and can also be used as a Candleglobe.

The C.Z. Orb is our narrow-necked vase handblown in a frosted finish. It is perfect for one blossom, a small bouquet or perhaps a few leaves.

The elegant shape of our LEE raindrop vase compliments anything you can imagine; a bunch of sweet peas, a mixed bouquet, or one casa blanca lily.

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