The Flowers Collection

A collection of vases by James Friedberg for Charlotte Moss

“The Perfect Budvase”

Following the release of Charlotte Moss’s 11th book, Charlotte Moss Flowers, Charlotte and James Friedberg have created a unique glass collection inspired by the myriad ways flowers provide inspiration—indoors and out. 

Each vase is specifically created with a muse in mind; Gloria Vanderbilt for her artistry and single flower arrangements, C.Z.Guest and her passion for orchids and roses, Bunny Mellon for her simplicity and elegance, Constance Spry for her imagination and inventiveness, Lee Radziwill for her elegant florals and botanicals, and the writer Colette for her poetic prose. 

With these women as their inspiration, the Flowers Collection infuses everyday life with beauty, elegance, and flair.

The vases can be purchased online here, or can be viewed in person at KRB in New York City or Sue Fisher King in San Francisco. 

*All sales are final

About James Friedberg

James Friedberg has worked with glass for over 20 years. During that time, he has trained with multiple masters and traveled the world researching his passion; glass, fabrication, art, and design. Collaboration with multiple noteworthy designers from different background has helped him grow his brand and repertoire of glass. When Friedberg is not fabricating glass, he is focused on community engagement. He has worked with non-profits creating glass designs for them, teaching, and helping run multiple youth art education programs. James lives, teaches, and makes his glass from his home base in San Francisco, CA.  James is the stepson of Charlotte Moss.

*all vases have the signature of the artists.