The Scout Guide Interviews Charlotte

The Scout Guide Interviews Charlotte

The Scout Guide recently interviewed Charlotte about Charlotte Moss Flowers, floral philosophy, favorite types of flowers, tips for creating a signature arrangement, and more.

Well-known in the world of interior design for her creative and timeless aesthetic, keen eye, and unique point of view, Charlotte Moss has been delivering inspiration for decades through her work, lectures, and books. For her latest title, Charlotte Moss Flowers (Rizzoli), the tastemaker turned her attention to florals, which she regards as not just for special occasions, but as glorious additions to decorating, entertaining, and everyday living. The result is a vivid chronicle of how flowers can enliven and brighten our lives, whether placed on a bedside table, a single stem in a quiet corner of a room, or a cluster in the center of the dining table.

Of course, gorgeous imagery, expert instruction, and inspirational touchstones come into play in the new volume. To that end, included throughout are images of Charlotte’s flowers that she has captured for the past decade; ideas for arranging flowers, selecting containers, and placing blossoms around the house; and thoughtful reflections on the contributions of past tastemakers, authors, and artists as muses—Colette for the role flowers have played in her prose, Karen Blixen and the garden arrangements she enjoyed creating for herself and her friends, Bunny Mellon’s baskets, Constance Spry and her groundbreaking mastery of arranging, and Lee Radziwill for her rooms filled with flowers and floral-themed works of art, to name a few.

On the eve of the book’s publication, we sat down with Charlotte to learn more about her floral philosophy, her favorite types of flowers, tips for creating a signature arrangement, and more.

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