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A Walk Through Charlotte’s Garden

Collectors of any sort are hard pressed to single out favorites. Likewise, selecting favorite roses is equally agonizing. Some roses are voluptuous, blousy and fragrant while other multi petalled varieties are blessed with stunning color. The enchanting and tenacious personalities of those climbing great heights, some creating rose blankets over a brick wall and the ones that linger in a vase, all get stars in my book.

A Demiluned Rose Bed

Charlotte Moss' Garden Roses: Dimiluned

This demiluned shaped rose bed is anchored by an antique urn covered in Felicia, a pale pink hybrid musk. Amongst the varieties in this bed are Francis Meilland, Savannah, Quietness, Mother of Pearl and Savoy Hotel.

An Elevated Rose Tower

Charlotte Moss' Garden Roses: Elevated Garden

The elevated rose tower garden flanks our pool and is bordered by a stacked stone wall, framed with ilex and perennial ground covers. The towers are home to Sally Holmes, New Dawn, clematis and sweet peas. The bed currently has about 30 varieties and I look forward to getting to know some a little better this summer.

Bonnie Bell

Charlotte Moss' Garden Roses: Bonnie Bell

Bonnie Bell is a profuse climber. Single petaled, pale pink and blooming only once in the season Bonnie Belle is located near AMERICA in the garden and together it is quite an event when they bloom.


Charlotte Moss' Garden Roses: Alchemist

Our Alchemist climbs the wall of the pool house where she has now reached the roof. A densely petalled, fragrant and apricot colored blossom, I always look forward to her show.

Duc de Cambridge

Charlotte Moss' Garden Roses: Duc de Cambridge

Duc de Cambridge is a stunning and shocking deep pink damask rose with a slight mauve accent. As one might expect, a rose blessed with fragrance and looks has one bloom which is a full-on effort.


Charlotte Moss' Garden Roses: America

My America rose is the variety introduced in 1915. A tenacious climber with a mind of her own she has now climbed over boxwood, through a yew hedge and is now contemplating scaling the back of a hornbeam wall. I love America, she comes once a year, maybe that’s why she puts on such a show, and one I do not want to miss.

Belinda’s Dream

Charlotte Moss' Garden Roses: Belinda's Dream

Bred by a math professor at Texas A & M, Dr. Robert Bayse, Belinda’s Dream is a rose growers favorite as she blooms all season, is hardy and disease resistant. Belinda’s dream is the happy marriage of the Tiffany rose and the Jersey Beauty. I love how her petals gently curl.

Blush Flower Circus

Charlotte Moss' Garden Roses: Blush Flower Circus

Blush flower circus is a mildly fragranced floribunda rose. Boasting a wealth of creamy ruffled petals, she is a relative and welcome newcomer to my garden. When you have one in a vase, you seldom need anything else.

Koko Loco

Charlotte Moss' Garden Roses: Koko Loco

Koko Loco is one of those favorite chameleon-like beauties that changes color as it opens. Fading from cafe au lait to a pale mauve you might be fooled that it is a different rose altogether. Best part of all, she is a perpetual bloomer.

Leontine Gervais

Charlotte Moss' Garden Roses: Leontine Gervais

Leontine Gervais climbs the apple espalier intertwined with Mlle. Lady Alice Garnier, a beautiful partner. They are compatible color wise, with the former having an apple like fragrance. First the apple trees blossom, later the roses, then late August apples appear. Spring to fall it is a wall with multiple rewards.


Charlotte Moss' Garden Roses: Lykkefund in Vase

Lykkefund is a Danish beauty meaning ‘lucky find’ and that is exactly how I felt when she was introduced to my garden. Clusters of small white blossoms, Lykkefund has a big show once a season blanketing the brick wall in my kitchen garden. She is an absolute stunner and immensely profuse. I like making small arrangements with her blossoms often mixing with small leafed herbs, or simply alone.

Pierre de Ronsard

Charlotte Moss' Garden Roses: Pierre de Rosnard

Named after the romantic poet, Pierre de Ronsard is a fragrant densely petalled rose that likes winding around and through pillars and towers that give the heavy blossoms support. Pierre de Ronsard is also called EDEN.

Savoy Hotel

Charlotte Moss' Garden Roses: Savoy Hotel

Swanky and aptly named this hardy and buxom hybrid tea has beautiful large blossoms and rich green foliage to match. One mildly scented stem is the perfect bedside companion. Savoy Hotel aims to please.

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A Walk Through Charlotte’s Garden

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Collectors of any sort are hard pressed to single out favorites. Likewise, selecting favorite roses is equally agonizing. Some roses are voluptuous, blousy and fragrant while other multi petalled varieties [...]

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