Architectural Digest Follows Charlotte for a Day

/Architectural Digest Follows Charlotte for a Day

Architectural Digest Follows Charlotte for a Day

Architectural Digest recently followed Charlotte for the day. Below is what they observed…

It would be easy for Charlotte Moss to be out of touch. The designer—and author of

nearly a dozen books—has made a name for herself outfitting the tony townhouses and posh Palm Springs estates of a certain well-heeled set, for whom she conceives not only dazzling interiors but also cultivates a type of enviably stylish living that encompasses home, garden, and entertaining. But Moss’s passions extend far beyond piping and passementerie. The creative is an activist for numerous causes dear to her heart, ranging from historic preservation to low-income housing to medical research. She sits on some half dozen boards in between tackling projects around the globe and still finds time for inspiring travels, celebrating her friends in the design community—and, of course, doting on her beloved dogs. To learn how she does it all, we shadowed Moss for a day in her fabulous, full life.

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