• Chatlotte Moss for PE Guerin: an Iconic Cuff
  • Chatlotte Moss for PE Guerin: an Iconic Cuff being fired
  • Chatlotte Moss for PE Guerin: a drawer of pieces
  • Chatlotte Moss for PE Guerin: a Lyre slider for a cuff


“I was thrilled to get a call from Martin Grubman at P.E. Guerin a couple years ago to explore an idea he had. How long did it take for me to say YES when Martin said, “design jewelry?” About a half second. The opportunity to explore the archive and see what might have an afterlife in the world of jewelry was daunting and exhilarating at the same time. To select some of my favorite motifs and forms and rework them to create cuff bracelets was an exercise in design, craftsmanship and fashion. Anyone that knows me knows that bracelets and cuffs are a key part of my daily attire. Now, I have six more!”

The first jewelry collection from legendary hardware firm P.E. Guerin in collaboration with Charlotte. On the heels of P.E. Guerin’s 160-year anniversary, Charlotte has collaborated with their artisans to interpret some of their decorative hardware patterns into contemporary heirloom jewelry. After combing through the archive at P.E. Guerin the last year, Charlotte selected a number of motifs to adapt into cuff bracelets, one of her signatures. Together with longtime Guerin craftsman, Jacqueline Edwards, this collection came to fruition.

From symbols over 10,000 years old Charlotte and P. E. Guerin have worked together to create bracelets that signify strength, embody elegance and bring history forward in an everyday wearable way.

*All cuffs available in 24-karat gold on bronze finish, and 3.5″ H x 2.5″ Diameter

*All sales are final.