What Gardening Women Wear

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What Gardening Women Wear


Bunny Mellon, Oak Spring, Virginia

There are certain women that carry on each day with an easy, effortless style no matter what they are doing, where they are, and most importantly even when they are sitting at home – alone. With Summer upon us, we’re looking back at some of those women who taught us, its not what you wear its how you wear it… that and good posture and good grooming.

Who wears Schlumberger in the greenhouse? Bunny Mellon. Why? Because that was what she had.


Audrey Hepburn, La Paisible in Switzerland

Cherries as accessories? Few people could get away with the humor and playfulness in an endearing way like Audrey.


Babe Paley, Kiluna Farm, Long Island

What’s the song? Is that the smile you wear? But really, isn’t it every last thing, simple thing, head to toe; the hat, the type (probably purchased for a couple dollars at a market in Lyford), the angle, always lipstick, the scarf, the dolman sleeve stripe shirt, slim cropped pants – the UNpose? Head to toe. Period.


Greta Garbo, Bedford Drive, Beverly Hills

Bold gold… that makes sense, no? No silly diamond pave here.


Mona Bismarck, Il Fortino in Capri

Bermuda shorts, de riguer on the links of country clubs around the world, well, they rarely looked this crisp and chic. Linen and creased, paired with a jewel neck, three-quarter sleeve, thin sweater and flats. This is a Bermuda shorts of a different order. I see a garden trug between those pups, which means she was either coming or going from the garden at Il Fortino. At another time, reclining a twin set of another sort, bermudas, side buttoned with matching bolero, shirt and ascot, flats with anklets. Best part of all was not part of the outfit, but Mona – her fabulous icy eyes and silvery streaked hair.


Vita Sackville West – Sissinghurst

Vita Sackville-West lived her life in tweeds, jodphurs and a single strand of pearls.

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