Bonnie Cashin: Chic is where you find it

/Bonnie Cashin: Chic is where you find it

Bonnie Cashin: Chic is where you find it

Bonnie Cashin, the self-made fashion designer was best known for her work with Coach in the 1960’s. Cashin introduced a whole new world to the modern woman: ponchos, kimonos, tunics and more. She was creative, original and an innovator. Her oeuvre extended beyond the studio and into the home. Here, we take a look inside her world and share the “Cashin Lessons” we learned in the process.

Above, Cashin standing in the doorway of her office/boutique/dressing room, “believes clothes should be folded when possible, visible no matter what. The inside of every closet is a different color except for one, which is white to show off bright evening clothes.”


Two of Bonnie’s sketches above (1970 and 1969) are evidenced of her classic style, sense of architecture and detailed with her signature toggles.


No matter the source, fashion or interiors, design is a way of expressing ourselves – and Bonnie’s approach to both was artistic. Above, her accessories on display in boxes and baskets, constantly changing. The clothes were her art, the walls were her canvas.

Cashin Lesson #1 – Dressing becomes easier when everything is on display, your fashion accessories become your decorative accessories.


Cashin Lession #2 – A gallery hung wall with colors as bold as her fashion color palette – color blocking in fashion, color blocking at home.


Cashin Lesson #3 – “The things I collect are reminders of happiness.” – Bonnie Cashin – They personalize an interior – talk about fashioning your own style!


Cashin Lesson #4 – Bonnie curated a space where she could thrive and create. With “painted patches of color inscribed with favorite adages” on the walls. Love this idea, it suits the child in all of us.


In Stephanie Lake’s new book, Chic is Where You Find it, we were given a new glimpse into Bonnie’s home. What we learned? When you buy the things you love, the things that resonate with you, they speak to who you are, they suggest personality in an interior. And Bonnie Cashin had personality in spades!


All images House & Garden and Chic is Where You Find it (Rizzoli, 2016)

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