No Kid Hungry

No Kid Hungry

“1 in 7 children in the United States lived with hunger BEFORE the outbreak of COVID-19. A startling figure that will only increase with every day we are sheltering in place and while unemployment grows. Every dollar you donate will provide 10 meals, your contribution will make an impact and together we can make a greater one.”

– Charlotte

This week we are asking YOU to rise to a different type of CHALLENGE

We are starting a fundraiser for No Kid Hungry and YOU can play a part.

Every dollar you donate through April 30th will be matched by PepsiCo. up to $1 million dollars.

Charlotte is kicking off our Instagram fundraiser with a donation of $5,000, we hope you will join in.

No child should go hungry in our country.
America’s kids need us. The coronavirus has closed schools nationwide, and millions of vulnerable children are losing the school meals they depend on. For some, it’s the only food they’ll receive in a given day.

Pass on the image below, re-gram it to your instagram friends, and otherwise spread the word any way you can.
Make sure to hashtag #ibelieveinnokidhungry
Tag @nokidhungry

We can make a difference together. We know you’re up to this challenge. Any amount, no matter how big or small, will make a difference.

Make sure to hashtag #ibelieveinnokidhungry

Click here to donate and learn more about No Kid Hungry.

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