Room Travelling – Bedroom Edition

Room Travelling – Bedroom Edition

“You can tell a lot about people by what’s on their bedside table…the little unexpected details…”

– Horst

This week we are paying tribute to the most intimate room in your home, the bedroom.

Remember our first challenge about room traveling? We looked at de Maistre’s Journey Around My Bedroom to inspire us to do the same in our own homes.

We thought you might enjoy a short film of a ballet by Benjamin Millepied. It revolves solely around one dancer in a bedroom slowly, sensuously, and deliberately engaging with a chair, mirror, and naturally the bed.

The piece is titled Partita and played to Philip Glass’s ‘Partita for Solo Violin.’

Benjamin’s site-specific ballets are done in real places. Now Benjamin has created ’Twelve Variations on a Theme’ a ballet film to honor the healthcare workers who are clocking insane hours and caring for others.

“Philip’s new solo violin works are very beautiful, haunting and heartbreaking at the same time. Images came quickly to mind, stories and intimate moments reflecting life.”

 -Benjamin Millepied
(Founder of LA Dance Project, Former director of Paris Opera Ballet and New York City Ballet Principal Dancer for 9 Years)

This brings us to the fourth challenge.

To enter:
Post a photo of your bedside table or your favorite corner of your bedroom
By Monday, April, 20th at 12 PM EST
Follow @charmossny @charlottemossco
Hashtag #mybedroomchallenge
Follow @leontinelinens @kinseymarable @dporthaultparis @james_friedberg_glass @vogelbindery

This time, you vote for the winners!
Send your favorite by DM’ing your vote to @charlottemossco by Monday, April 20th at 9PM. We have a great group of PRIZES. The top five entrants will receive one of the below prizes.

The Prizes include:

  • A boudoir pillow and scented candle from D. Porthault
  • A handblown bud vase by Artist James Friedberg
  • A group of vintage bedside reading from Kinsey Marable
  • A custom calfskin DREAM journal made by Paul Vogel at the Vogel Bindery
  • A satin throw blanket from Leontine Linens quilted by our American artisans in Kentucky

We will send the TOP FIVE one of these gifts!!!

Head on over to C’est Inspire here to see some of bedrooms designed by Charlotte and others we love.

Get inspired and good luck!

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