Make it a signed book Holiday!

Make it a signed book Holiday!

We are re-visiting all of Charlotte’s books in celebration of the holidays – and in anticipation of her 11th title, Charlotte Moss Flowers, coming Spring 2021. Make it a signed book New Year with a signed and personalized copy of one of Charlotte’s books.

Charlotte Moss Entertains…
BEAUTY is always our underlying theme. Whether a room, a vignette, a table design, all should be beautiful, have an element of surprise, and speak to your personal style.  Parties, dinners, luncheons and picnics give you an opportunity to be playful, to experiment and be outrageous if you will.  These are moments that either express who you are, who you admire, or just something you’ve always wanted to try. Making every day an occasion sounds like a heap of work – BUT, it is not. Setting the table is everyday decorating after all!

Garden Inspirations
My garden in East Hampton has been a constant source of inspiration – for over twenty-eight years I have recorded the changes, transitions, processes, and pleasures with the help of Lisa Stamm and Dale Booher.  It may be a photograph of a certain arrangement in the perfect natural light, or the way the sun pierces through the sky at dawn with the silhouette of the trees as its backdrop, whatever it is – I have captured it, behind my lens and onto paper.

Garden Inspirations is a continuation of each garden I have visited, from France to England, Russia, Spain, and Italy. Whether an allee that caught my eye, a sculpted hedge that changed my point of view, or a particular vista that held me captivated, it has been photographed, recorded, and eventually cut and pasted into a scrapbook.

A Visual Life…
Having a visual life is about appreciating your surroundings, opening your eyes, noticing infinite possibilities, details, and curating inspiration. Every once in a while we need to stop, look, and really see what is around us. Whether we are visiting somewhere or in our own backyard it is important to

be aware. Some places have an allure about them, some you will inevitably return to and some you will only see once and you have to take it all in. The journey is just as important as the destination.

See all of Charlotte’s titles here on our website!

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