How to use fake plants and flowers in ADPro

How to use fake plants and flowers in ADPro

ADPro asked Charlotte her tips and go-to’s for faux plants and flowers.

Floral Sculptures

For designer Charlotte Moss, it’s difficult to pick just one favorite faux floral company. However, she prefers brands that give a thoughtful approach to their arrangements.

“Faux flowers often take a bad rap,” she explains. “I assume it’s because the critic doesn’t know the works of Clare Potter, Vladimir Kanevsky, Tommy Mitchell, and Carmen Almon. I prefer to call their work ‘floral sculptures,’ each with their own unique style.”

Potter and Kanevsky work with porcelain, while Mitchell and Almon create beautiful flora with metals. But, regardless of their medium, these designers give the trend an artful edge. “Each sculpture is hand-painted by the artists and designed to enchant year-round,” says Moss.

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