Charlotte Moss for P.E. Guerin…Hardwear!

Charlotte Moss for P.E. Guerin…Hardwear!

Getting dressed for the holidays? Trying to find that perfect, bespoke gift for someone special on your list? Look no further. The iconic cuff collection, the first jewelry collection from legendary hardware firm P.E. Guerin in collaboration with Charlotte Moss has six distinctive designs for the woman that needs options.

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The Sunflower

(Credits: Dolce & Gabbana Dress, Oscar de la Renta Bag, Mish for Monticello Earrings)

A symbol of loyalty, longevity, warmth, and positivity, the sunflower has a long heritage in the decorative arts. The sunflower has been a part of the P.E. Guerin collection since the beginning and with this cuff, we continue the tradition.

The Acanthus

(Credits: IBU Dress, Elsa Peretti bag and Addison Weeks earrings)

The Acanthus Cuff features architecture’s most celebrated foliage. The use of the acanthus in architecture traces its origins to the Greco-Roman world. Textiles, manuscripts, and ironwork have incorporated the motif that has come to stand for strength and immortality.

From symbols over 10,000 years old

we have worked together to create bracelets that signify strength, embody elegance

and bring history forward in an everyday wearable way.”

– Charlotte

The Basketweave

Basketweaving has a diverse and storied history. As Charlotte collects baskets whenever she travels, this was a natural in this collection. Charlotte prefers wearing two; one on each wrist.

The Lyre

(Credits: Lee Anderson Dress, Manolo Blahnik heels, Vintage Gucci Bag)

Our Neoclassical cuff suggests the golden lyre given to Orpheus by Apollo. As a symbol of harmony, this bodes well for the wearer.

The Palmette

(Credits: Tom Ford Bag, Yves Saint Laurent earrings, Vintage Lanvin dress)

Empire palmette furniture appliqués transcend their original function to create an openwork cuff by mirroring the motif. Rooted in ancient Egypt and France, the palmette was widely used during the Empire period as a symbol of elegance.


(Credits: Antique Earrings, Koture Bag)

Our cuff that symbolizes merriment, abundance and let’s say, a good time, is the face of Dionysus, god of the grape harvest. His headdress is one of grapeleaves, while his face is surrounded by beautifully articulated grapes. Salud, Salut, Saluto!

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