Wondering how to help?

Wondering how to help?

Let us count the ways

As we all find ourselves with more time than we thought we would have. Many people are wondering what they can do and how they can help. So we’ve researched a number of organizations that would be delighted to see your contribution. Here is a list of some organizations that are working to help people get the food, medical supplies and other aid they need. There are many more ways to donate, a contribution of your time or resources, no matter how large or small will help those that need it most.

Women in Need:
Now that all of the New York City schools are closed there are more than 2,800 young people in Win shelters whose moms have an impossible decision to make. Do I go to work or do I stay home with my children and risk losing my job? More than 53% of moms living with their families in Win shelters work everyday, and some more than one job, to help ensure they can successfully leave the shelter. Most hourly workers have no paid vacation leave and little to no sick leave. Donate here.

Feeding America:
Feeding America has a COVID19 Response Fund set up to help feed communities and individuals facing hunger across the United States through a network of food banks. Donate here.

God’s Love We Deliver cooks and home-delivers to the New York City area nutritious, medically tailored meals for people too sick to shop or cook for themselves. Further, God’s Love also provides ongoing nutrition assessment, education, and counseling. God’s Love is a non-sectarian organization serving people in need and their children and caregivers. All services are provided free and full of love. During this crisis, deliveries have not been interrupted as the organization’s staff continue to support those economically disadvantaged and with serious illnesses.  Donate here.

No Kid Hungry:
The coronavirus has forced mass school closures across the country, and millions of children are losing daily meals, meals they depend on. “We estimate kids in need will miss more than 101 million meals this week alone. In the face of this unprecedented crisis, our long-time partner, Citi, is helping No Kid Hungry make sure kids get the food they need, during school closures and all year long. The Citi Foundation is donating $5 million to help No Kid Hungry scale our work in response to the pressing need. But we also need your help. Donate now—Citi is also matching donations, up to $2 million.” No Kid Hungry uses donations to send emergency grants to food banks and local community groups. It diverts resources to feed kids in the hardest-hit communities. The organization has plans in place to ensure kids get three meals a day. Donate here.

Meals on Wheels:
Meals on Wheels delivers meals to the country’s elderly population. During the Coronavirus many of its local programs are struggling with the additional costs of delivering meals. You can donate to help a local program or donate to the national organization. Click here to find out how to donate. Donate here.

New York City’s Citymeals is taking donations to ensure “every one of our homebound elderly neighbors in need has nourishing meals during this dangerous outbreak.” Donate here.

The CDC Foundation:
When federal and state funding is not available, this nonprofit organization for the CDC is raising funds to help respond to the public health threat. The foundation said it will use the funds to support state and local health departments in the US as well as support the global response including logistics, personal protective equipment, and critical response supplies.
Click here to find out more.

If you’re aware of more organizations please email us here

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