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Wanderlust Challenge

“Who does not love to travel?

We are all Marco Polos under the skin, dreaming of far flung voyages

with all the fervour of a 19th century romantic”

– Cecil Beaton

Daydreaming and armchair traveling these past few months has become constant. Our wanderlust is stronger than ever, making plans and dreaming of faraway places.

This brings us to the SEVENTH CHALLENGE… Where will your first trip be when this is all over, and more importantly, why?

To enter:
Post a photo of your destination of choice to Instagram and list a compelling reason why. Use #Charlottemosswanderlust
Direct Message on Instagram your vote for the winner to @charlottemossco and make sure to post your entry by Friday, May 29th at 3pm.

The top vote getter will receive a membership to Indagare Travel!

Make sure to tune in Friday, May 22, 2020 at 11AM Eastern for Charlotte’s talk with Melissa Biggs Bradley of Indagare Travel, click here to RSVP!

“My passport lives in my handbag. The world is waiting do you need another reason to pack a bag?”

                             – Charlotte

I’ve been planning an English road trip to visit country houses, gardens, antiques shops, and anything else along the beaten path that catches my eye. Head over to C’est Inspire to see images from my travels. Afterall, in the words of Diane Sawyer, “If you don’t go, you will never know…”

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