The Moss Mule

The Moss Mule

Artemis Mule shoes: Charlotte Moss
Artemis Mule shoes: Charlotte Moss

I love a mule for ease, openness and versatility…

We loved working with Millicent to create a mule with a little court heel, just enough lift to elevate a pair of jeans, good with dresses, long summer skirts and, of course, caftans.

Years ago, I had a pair of mules that I loved because of the heel and wore them into the ground. I searched high and low but could not replace them, nothing came close. Fast forward to Marrakesh – where I met Milicent Armstrong, founder of Artemis Design when I was on a trip with Susan Walker, owner of IBU Movement. We collaborated with Milicent on slides for our debut collection with IBU.

Soon after, I asked Milicent to help me re-create that mule and the result is this.

“This shoe is all about the heel – it’s just enough to be dressy but not too serious!” – Charlotte

Artemis Mule shoes: Charlotte Moss

What makes these shoes even more special are the fabrics we’ve selected. Over the years I have purchased ikats that have been in my collection from Turkey, Uzbekistan and Marrakech and this was a perfect opportunity to use them.  The result is beautiful– and each pair is one of a kind.

Click here to purchase yours at Artemis!

10% of the proceeds will be donated to the Ibu Foundation, an organization that provides women artisans around the world with the training and tools they need to become self-sufficient.

We loved these mules so much that we decided to use three more special fabrics!

Jaipur Moss Mule shoes

Features a classic blue and white Indian block print on crisp cotton.

Lyon Moss Mule shoes

Features a silk jacquard pattern evocative of sunny 1970 florals.

Clementine Velvet Moss Mule shoes

A classic velvet black and yellow print

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