On the Road with Charlotte Moss & IBU

/On the Road with Charlotte Moss & IBU

On the Road with Charlotte Moss & IBU

In a quiet Moroccan village, Khadija meticulously composes a garden flower – petal by satiny petal – in her own vocabulary of thread. Over her shoulder, Charlotte Moss watches with appreciation, ideas blooming.  We have come to meet these artisans embroidering Ibu designs, to engage their skills, and to talk with them about their lives and livelihood.  Out of this and other collaborations, a whole collection is being born.  Charlotte Moss for Ibu.

Charlotte’s internationally recognized designs in furniture, rugs, wall coverings, textiles and her ten published books top every list, as does she – celebrated for her gracious interiors and gardens.  While her national awards and accolades fill pages, yet Charlotte considers her greatest accomplishments those in the world of service, where her generosity is a force, as well as her knack for getting it done.    

Charlotte is an ibu, anyway you call it.  Respect accompanies her name.

Finding Ibu three years ago while in Charleston speaking, Charlotte walked away with not only a few treasures but a genuine connection to our mission.  A growing friendship led to visits, which led to conversation, which led to a beautiful collaboration in the making.

Always one to look grand in her impeccable wardrobe, I asked Charlotte to design a capsule collection of clothing for ibu.  Signature Charlotte style:  classic, glamorous, bold, beautiful, sophisticated.  And fun. Charlotte jumped at the chance and off we go!

First stop, Morocco.  Ibu ally, Nawal and her he-bu husband, Mohammed,  took us to her village of Ourika for a session with women whose embroidery trills over ibu jackets and caftans, inspiring new ideas.  Every day here we’ve crammed with designing, with meeting women on the move, and, of course, whenever there is a moment, mainlining the medina.

Look for Charlotte’s Fall/Winter clothing designs to debut in September of this year. Jackets, coats, dresses, pants, shoes, bags, jewelry – all.  Her favorite things, interpreted by women like Khadija, Latifa, and Fatiha.  Until then, know that her ever-curious mind is turning, her designs are being drawn, and women the world over are stitching up a revolution.  And while they do it, well, they are keeping us in stitches.  

all the best,
Susan Hull Walker

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