La Tuile a Loup

La Tuile a Loup

Architectural Digest recently profiled one of our favorite Parisian shops and our friend, Eric Goujou, owner of La Tuile à Loup. “People can see the same china patterns all over the place, but what’s here is unique, simple, and powerful,” he said in AD.


“La Tuile à Loup, a mignon Paris shop with a formidable reputation for purveying the country’s most exclusive handmade ceramics. A onetime private banker, the splendidly dapper Goujou purchased La Tuile à Loup (“the Wolf Tile”) in 2006. Since then, he has cultivated more than 100 artisans from Alsace-Lorraine to Provence whose colorful platters, plates, tureens, and other serving pieces can’t be found anywhere else. For him it’s all about the dogged pursuit of unquestioned quality, matchless techniques, and an increasingly succulent palette.” – AD

Charlotte visits Eric and the shop every time she ventures to Paris, even if only to add a new piece to her APT closet (pictured below) or buy something special for a clients collection.

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