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Flowers of the Month!

Were you born in January? If so, did you know you’re down-to-earth, genuine, loyal and value family?

The carnation, January’s birth flower, is a symbol of love, passion and significance.

Every month has a flower. Every flower has a meaning.

So, What’s your flower?

“The Flowers of the Month” is a new collection created by Charlotte Moss and Tommy Mitchell that celebrates the twelve flowers of each month.



A symbol of love, passion and significance, you are down-to-earth, genuine, loyal, and value family.



A symbol of innocence. You are a dreamer, wise beyond your years and extremely loyal.



A symbol of innocence and friendship. You are a happy-go-lucky kind of person, the kind that brightens up a room.



Associated with blissful pleasure and admiration, you have a pure heart.


Lily of the Valley

A symbol of modesty and sweetness, you are a sensible person who handles difficult situations well.



A symbol of enduring love and joy.



A symbol of openness and positivity, your sense of humor makes people feel welcomed. You value family above all else.



A symbol of remembrance and hope. Especially for a positive future and a peaceful world.


Morning Glory

A symbol of affection and love, you are thoughtful, organized, and love to help others.


Pot Marigold

You are warm, cordial, and even-tempered. You strive to live a peaceful and harmonious life.



A symbol of perfection. You’re honest, caring and compassionate. You make friends easily.



A symbol of hope and good fortune, you are direct, trustworthy, honest, and gifted with good luck. You have a sensitive side that not many people know.

Each piece is crafted in metal and one of a kind.  The collection is available in an acrylic wall study, a blue and white cachepot, or an antique white terracotta cachepot.

To order visit: Tommy Mitchell’s website

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Flowers of the Month!

2020-01-08T17:33:51+00:00December 12th, 2019|

Were you born in January? If so, did you know you’re down-to-earth, genuine, loyal and value family?The carnation, January's birth flower, is a symbol of love, passion [...]

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