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Decorating for the Holidays

Every year we dust off our decorations and place them accordingly. At home, I love to use all sorts of natural things to create holiday ambiance. Each year, I have a Southern Style Christmas luncheon and invite 50 of my friends, so we don’t do a traditional holiday tree – it would take up too much space! Here, we played on tones of green and white, our evergreen color scheme.

The staircase sets the stage! Add ribbon and large pinecones to your garland, or anything else you can think of!

Here we used pine, spruce and juniper and added birch twigs, winterberry, and silver pinecones… And don’t forget the brackets! Or the halo for your bust!

Filling up the blue & white!

Different flowers, same container!

You can always count on your local florist for beautiful things, but don’t forget the supermarket!

Pineapples on the mantel!

Fa, la, la, la, la!

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