Charlotte for Pickard China

Charlotte for Pickard China

This week, New York’s Spring tabletop show returns from April 12-15. Stop by the Pickard showroom at FortyOne Madison to see Charlotte’s new Motif Collection! Six patterns in all: the pagoda, the pineapple, the quail, the shell, the stag, and the topiary – each has a distinct decorative motif for the hostess who needs options. All six motifs are also available in crystal and can be etched on three different suites of Pickard glassware.

The new motif collection has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings and Architectural Digest’s Most Wanted List.

See how Charlotte is using the new patterns!

Charlotte has always said, “setting the table is everyday decorating,” an opportunity to practice your skills and make family meals a celebration. It is the perfect way to show your guests that you care. And with entertaining season upon us, here are a few tips and tricks from our table to yours.

Experiment. Try something new as a centerpiece. Follow the golden rules on height (all guests should be able to see each other) and no fragrance at the table. But after that, the table is yours to design.

Place cards make it easy for everyone-no decisions to be made. Your guests should not have to work or agonize about where to sit.

Give placement a lot of thought. Mix people up; don’t put two people together who know each other really well, unless that is the case all around. Give your guests a chance to get to know someone new or better. It shows that you thought about them.

Make a toast to welcome your guests. Plan it in advance and add humor-and brevity is always appreciated.

Use what you have in new and interesting ways. What do I mean? Look around at what you own-how can you use objects and accessories on the table? Be creative.

Linens: beautiful, of course, and crisp, clean, and neatly ironed. Good housekeeping is the foundation to everything. Everyone should have a set of large white linen napkins. They go with everything and are perfect for buffet dinners

The Patterns

The Quail


The Pagoda                                  The Pineapple


The Shell


The Stag                                The Topiary





The New York Tabletop Show
FortyOne Madison
New York, NY 10010
April 12th – 15th


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