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Creating this collection for Century was an opportunity to sit back, close my eyes and image how we live NOW. Today we communicate differently, we entertain differently, we even think differently about how we use our space than we did just a few years ago. So you may notice some unexpected details in this collection, and I hope you do.


“Decorating is a personal art, and your house is your studio, where there are no boundaries.”


I have spent more than thirty years decorating homes for private clients, answering their questions, addressing their concerns, solving their problems, creating dreams, and finding ways to make every space work. No matter the project, it always seems to come down to the same basic elements – livability, practicality, comfort and, of course, we want it to look good.


The great thing about furniture is, it can be moved around! You can play with a floor plan, try different alternatives, and even have two or three plans for a room using the same pieces. Flexibility in decorating keeps it fresh – and always evolving.


Jasper Dining Table


His Louisville Hand Painted Chest


Shreveport Sofa & Carlisle Chairs


Atlanta Low Post Bed, Auburn Nightstands, Fayetteville Chair & Ottoman

I couldn’t create a furniture collection without a romantic bed. I can’t think of a client of mine who doesn’t have a romantic bedroom. Adapting classic French style, adding our signature carved basket weave detail- it all came together in the Atlanta bed. Why Atlanta? For all those fun-loving fearless females in Atlanta and beyond.


Beaufort Bamboo Chair & Ottoman

The Beaufort Bamboo Chair and Ottoman begs relaxing and kicking up your feet. The gilt wash bamboo is also an eye catching focal point for any room, with its geometric back design and acrobatic profile.


Lexington Single Pedestal Dining Table



Working with Century and their stellar team we have made a collection that is luxurious, welcoming and hospitable.

This is a collection for how we live today.


How will you use Century?

Click Here to see the full collection

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