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America the Beautiful



Who hasn’t dreamed the American Dream? At one time or another, we all have, whether we were born here or not. It is what our country stands for, and our flag is a symbol of that dream. This Sunday, Flag Day, is a chance to show our patriotism. The American flag stands for freedom, civil rights, equality, and so much more. So as you celebrate a well-deserved weekend, don’t forget to celebrate old glory too.

Flag Day books

Col. James A Moss (yes, related) wrote the book on the care of our flag. There is a proper protocol for this symbol that we pledge allegiance to. Did you ever have to fold an American flag at school? It is a process of reverence.


In 1998, the original star spangled banner was taken down as part of a preservation project, with the help of a major benefactor, Ralph Lauren, whose fashions carry the flags bold spirit. When the National Museum of American History re-opened after their renovation in 2008, the main atrium featured an abstract version of the American flag, “The Flag that Inspired the National Anthem,” and a special gallery to hold the original. The Smithsonian is the only National Museum of American History in the country and the largest history museum of its kind. The original star spangled banner is one of their most prized possessions; thirty by thirty-four feet, made up of wool and cotton.



Above left: The original American flag Right: On display at the Smithsonian


Above right: Betsy Ross presents the American flag to George Washington


In 1907 Eben Appleton lent the Star-Spangled Banner to the Smithsonian, and five years later he converted the loan into a gift. When the flag arrived, it was hung on the exterior wall of the Smithsonian Institution Building (above left.)

"It has always been my intention to present the flag during my lifetime to that Institution in the Country where it could be conveniently seen by the public, . . . and the advantages and appropriateness of the National Museum are so obvious, as to render consideration of any other place unnecessary." --Eben Appleton


Happy Flag Day!