A Kips Bay Retrospective

A Kips Bay Retrospective


Kips Bay Retrospective 1994

Charlotte’s first Kips Bay Showhouse was in 1994; a small, seductive space.  Here she used a sepia toile from Travers all around the room (which actually wasn’t a room at all, but a passageway she fashioned into a room!) where she created a tented bed and decorated the landing with treillage walls, pedestals and urns.

Kips Bay Retrospective 1994


Kips Bay Retrospective 1995
Kips Bay Retrospective 1995

Charlotte’s next room in 1995 was the famous umbrella bed inspired by Mona Bismarck and made for the Show House by Tony Victoria & Sons.


Kips Bay Retrospective 2001

And in 2001 a Norrell sofa, an aubusson rug and a Helen Frankenthaler painting….

Come back next week to see the rest of Charlotte’s Kips Bay Rooms!

To Be Continued…

We are looking forward to Thursday, May 2nd when the house opens.

We hope to see you there!

36-38 East 74th Street
New York, NY

For more information on hours and tickets, click here! 

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