15 Reasons Why We Love Fall

15 Reasons Why We Love Fall

It’s no secret that when the leaves start to turn and the weather begins to change we are all reminded of the reasons why fall is one of our favorite seasons, why a sense of nostalgia seems to kick in on these cooler days. From fashion to accessories, flowers to our favorite warm beverages, these are the 15 reasons why we love the fall. #1 is FOLIAGE, of course!


#2 – Cashmere throws & Paisley’s


#4 & 5 – Chai Tea Latte’s & Charlotte’s Stag Motif for Pickard China


     #6 – Fur, Warm Blankets and the Rooms they reside in!


#7 – Seasonal Flowers


#8 – City attractions, especially Central Park

(Image from Central Park Conservancy)


#9 – Seasonal Fragrance


#10 – Fashion; Shawls, fur and layers!


#11 – Knee high Boots & Jackets

Jackets: Georgio Armani & Loro Piana, Boots: Jimmy Choo & Stuart Weitzman


#12 – Fall Design Books


#13 – Fall Auctions at Sotheby’s & Christies.


#14 – New Exhibitions at The MET


#15 – Tonal Schemes and colors, like this olive and army green palette from Charlotte’s newest Collection with Fabricut!

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