Then and Now on Etienne Aigner

Then and Now on Etienne Aigner

…and, it all started on @Instagram…

A couple months ago I posted a photo I ran across of me at 17 on a cross country trip with my family. The photo was taken at the Alamo. (By the way, along the route I think my brother and I made my dad stop at every historical marker as we travelled through the South.)

Back to the photo… which had me carrying my ‘IT BAG’ of the moment, a round basket bag by Etienne Aigner.  What you can not see are my Etienne Aigner leather sandals. Wish I had them now, along with my square sunglasses, Bermuda shorts??? Not so much!

A week later I received a call from the company, they asked if I would do a shoot with the NEW version of the bag I had back when. Well, of course, How much fun and a walk down memory lane too.
So, we did a morning shoot in my ‘hood. Fast forward, here we are…

THANK YOU Etienne Aigner for getting in touch!
Plus ca’ change, plus c’est la meme chose.

Etienne Aigner -Then and Now - Charlotte Moss blog

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To read the full post on Etienne Aigner’s site click here.

Etienne Aigner - Charlotte Moss blog
Etienne Aigner - Charlotte Moss blog

Design and lifestyle guru Charlotte Moss is very much a woman of the world. And we mean that literally. Raised in a traditional, “very Southern” household, she has made traveling, absorbing other cultures and observing this wonderful varied world we live in an integral part of her life and career.
We were lucky enough to pick her brain over coffee al fresco on a lovely spring morning in NYC and learn more about her fascinating take on design, entertaining, and inspiration.

Charlotte, tell us a little about yourself and your upbringing.

My upbringing was very Southern. I grew up in Virginia as the oldest of five siblings. My mother’s and grandmother’s houses were very different from the way I design now; however, I have definitely always carried those values of Southern hospitality and graciousness into my work.

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