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The Iconic Cuff Collection in “Business of Home”

An Excerpt from Editor at Large’s “Business of Home”

If you talk to interior designers long enough, you’ll uncover an open secret: No one only designs interiors. Everyone has sketches for a tile collection in their bag, an idea for a fabric line, or a few hardware mockups back at the office. And, increasingly, we’ve noticed designers slipping the confines of the home entirely and working in a more portable medium: jewelry. Business of Home spoke to a few who have recently taken the plunge—their experiences ran the gamut, but the starting point was usually a simple, “Why not?”

“When you’re a designer, nothing is safe,” says Charlotte Moss. “There’s always some new thing you’re thinking, ‘Hmmm, let’s give that a go.’” Moss would know. The versatile interior designer has created a wide variety of products over her three-decade career, ranging from china and carpets to caftans. This year, she’s giving jewelry a spin, with a line of cuff bracelets in collaboration with legendary hardware manufacturers P.E. Guerin. (The fact that they’d never done it before, she admits, made it an offer that was impossible to resist.)

Moss was new to jewelry, but her choice of partner made the transition easy—she had already worked extensively with the New York–based foundry for her day job, so the groundwork for a collaboration had been laid. Moss spent a few dusty days combing through the company’s archive to pick six suitable designs, which she then adapted into 24-karat gold bracelets. The resulting collection is a clever combination of architectural hardware, history and pure glam—the perfect mix for an interior designer’s first jewelry line (especially one who is already known for rocking a cuff bracelet or two).

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