Tablescheme Challenge

Tablescheme Challenge

“Have you ever considered how much ridiculous pomposity surrounds the word Entertaining?

I wish there was a word to replace that rather stilted one.

I like better, ‘having your friends to the house.”

-Dorothy Draper

While we’re not entertaining our friends at home right now, I am sure many of you are looking forward to resuming life as we knew it. The care and feeding of friends and family, one of life’s pleasures, has taken on a greater significance and meaning now.

So, we have an idea. With the holiday weekend upon us are you up for another CONTEST? For this round, we are partnering with Leontine Linens., and Casa Gusto.

“Your fondest, most intimate memories are born within the walls of your home. They accumulate in the most mundane places and tie themselves to the everyday rituals that you create with your family.”

-Jane Scott Hodges

Linens: For Every Room and Occasion

We don’t want to wear you out, but everyone seems to be enjoying having a chance to share, at the same time be inspired by the beautiful postings on Instagram.

We thought with all your room traveling that you may have come face to face with your linen closets or china cupboards and maybe made a few discoveries. A long forgotten tablecloth, a set of salad plates, your grandmother’s epergne? Remember them?

So here’s the deal.

Post on your Instagram a tablescheme (see photo ideas below) or a table setting by Monday, April 13th at 3 pm EST and we will choose a winner.

You must follow and tag @charmossny, @charlottemossco, @leontinelinens, @getthegusto, and @janescotthodges with the #mytablescheme.

The announcement of the winner will be the following morning.

The winner will receive…

Twelve monogrammed Leontine Linens dinner napkins


Your new centerpiece of 12 tole flowers from Casa Gusto


Your choice of twelve dinner plates by Charlotte Moss for Pickard in either

Espalier, Nancy, or Elsie patterns.

Espalier collection
Nancy collection
Elsie collection

Won’t all three combined make a beautiful table for your first big dinner at home WITH family and friends!

“A tablescheme is like a collage, you start with an idea, one item, then build around it, layering in everything needed to complete the story.”

-Charlotte Moss 

Charlotte Moss Entertains

This is a snap…you have to eat right? Well, that requires setting the table and as I ‘ve said many times. “Setting the table is everyday decorating”. So we might as well decorate the table because we can’t do too much of the other kind right now, as least as much as we’d like.

Give it a go. We look forward to your posts.

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