Still Life Challenge

Still Life Challenge

Penn, November 1944

Rawlings, March 1949

Still life covers – remember them? Channeling Irving Penn and John Rawlings, create a still life based on these iconic covers and others like them from the old issues of House & Garden.

You can create your still life using whatever medium you’d like – you can: take a photo of a still life at home, create a new one, paint or do a drawing of one, the choice is yours.

Irving Penn was one of the twentieth century’s great photographers known for his arresting images and a practitioner of the time honored genre of still life, following in the tradition of many great still life painters. These images are transporting and inspiring. See more images below!

To enter: Use these images as your inspiration.

  • Post a photo of your still life on Instagram
  • Tag #stilllifechallengecm
  • Make sure to follow @charmossny @charlottemossco
  • This time, YOU VOTE! Make sure to DM your vote to @charlottemossco
  • Submit photos and votes by Friday, June 19th
  • There will be FOUR winners. Prizes for this challenge are being presented by Coco and Dash, Dallas @cocoanddash

Hand painted top tray 20” $195
Custom Mimi Pillows by Coco & Dash, 22” x 22”, $325 each.
Glass Hurricane in Emerald Green on a Mango Wood Base, 9” x 25.5”h, $425.
Italian Ceramic Avian Study, 13.5”h, $315.

Penn, April 1944

Penn, October 1944

Kertesz, June 1949

Penn, May 1946

Penn, January 1944

Head over to C’est Inspire to see “A Tale of Still-Lifes” to get inspired. 

Good Luck!

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