Possessed by Paper?

Possessed by Paper?

How about you?

I have this thing with paper. I am obsessed with the allure of paper and stationary. The colors, the texture, the sound of a fountain pen scratching across the surface. As a school child, I loved the double ruled sort used for penmanship lessons even with a menacing nun presiding over the class. I loved to write, so I tried not to let her nervous jingling of rosary beads inhibit me. It was not easy.

The color and feel of brown paper bags at the supermarket caught my eye early on. Shades of camel, tobacco, chestnut, and whiskey are all derivatives of paper-bag-brown and are often used to describe the palette of my wardrobe. An attraction to one thing infuses itself into another.

Don’t you have a collage in your future, like NOW?
Everyone can collage, now is the time to create. Now more than ever.

There’s a lot of things we say to ourselves, such as “when I have the time…”
Well now IS the time!

That’s the theme of Contest #2. Making a collage of what’s on your mind? Thinking about where you want to go when all of this is over? Then do a travel collage. Planning your garden, let us see. How about that room traveling, you did last week, well, do it again and make a collage, a paper collage of new items. Feel like making some mood boards for the future? OR, do you just feel like pulling images that simply appeal – no theme, just what you like.

If you are cleaning out all those magazines that have been hanging around (that’s me!!!), then just pick a subject, grab your scissors and glue-stick and have at it! Anything that inspires you!

Here are the guidelines:
12 images minimum
Deadline: Post on Instagram by 12pm on Monday, April 6th

@charmossny and @charlottemossco
#charcollage #collage #collagechallenge #avisuallife

Something from my own collection Or my last three books signed

Join the contest now! And for EVERY collage submitted, $100 will be donated to Feeding America.



For more inspiration click here to see our new C’est Inspire on some of the collages from A Visual Life. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Good luck!
Excerpt from A Visual Life, Rizzoli.

Click here to buy the book.

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