Just Give It a Go with Setting the Table!

/Just Give It a Go with Setting the Table!

Just Give It a Go with Setting the Table!

Setting the table each day is an opportunity to use your imagination, and exploit the possibilities of items stored away and long forgotten. “Shop your closet’ is not just a cute turn of phrase suggesting frugality, it is a summons to experiment, be adventurous, bring some excitement to the table.

The entire planning process is a creative exercise, one that often begins and ends with, What is my table going to look like? How is it going to be set? What linens shall I use?  Whatever the final decision for the evening, you can rest assured that it began meditatively staring into the drawers of my linen cabinet, contemplating a scheme.

There is always new territory to explore, some new colored linen to try, a new monogram style, an appliqué, a twisted thread combination that has always intrigued me.

“The real art of living is to make everyday life wonderful”– Pearl S. Buck

We have three opportunities a day to set the table, so why not just give it a go!?

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