Charlotte Moss For Tommy Mitchell

Charlotte Moss For Tommy Mitchell

Introducing the first collaboration with Charlotte Moss and artist Tommy Mitchell. With a shared passion for flowers and history, the rest was simple. Initially inspired by William Furber’s twelve months of flowers, Charlotte and Tommy worked together to create a collection of studies and standards that celebrate the twelve flowers of each month. From the sublime sweet pea to the everlasting honeysuckle, every month is thoughtfully created in wonderful detail. Each piece is crafted in metal and is one of a kind.

Everyone has a birthday.

Everyone has a flower.

The collection is available in an acrylic wall study, a blue and white cachepot, or an antique white terracotta cachepot on Tommy Mitchell’s website and through Bergdorf Goodman.



A symbol of love, passion and significance, you are down-to-earth, genuine, loyal, and value family.



A symbol of innocence. You are a dreamer, wise beyond your years and extremely loyal.



A symbol of innocence and friendship. You are a happy-go-lucky kind of person, the kind that brightens up a room.



Associated with blissful pleasure and admiration, you have a pure heart.


Lily of the Valley

A symbol of modesty and sweetness, you are a sensible person who handles difficult situations well.



A symbol of enduring love and joy.



A symbol of openness and positivity, your sense of humor makes people feel welcomed. You value family above all else.



A symbol of remembrance and hope. Especially for a positive future and a peaceful world.


Morning Glory

A symbol of affection and love, you are thoughtful, organized, and love to help others.


Pot Marigold

You are warm, cordial, and even-tempered. You strive to live a peaceful and harmonious life.



A symbol of perfection. You’re honest, caring and compassionate. You make friends easily.



A symbol of hope and good fortune, you are direct, trustworthy, honest, and gifted with good luck. You have a sensitive side that not many people know.

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