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Charlotte Moss for Century Furniture

Debuting at the Fall 2018 High Point Market…

Charlotte and Century have collaborated on a third collection of furniture that features a mix of shapes and forms inspired by the ’70s. The new designs include seven upholstery frames and three tables.

“I am feeling the vibe of the early ‘70s… Maybe there is a chord of nostalgia. I remember all the design magazines with bare floors, low tables, natural materials and the legs of sofas and chairs were upholstered, defying a particular style. I like that defiance, it’s very bi-partisan, so I figured we could use some of that.”

See the collection and listen to the ’70s curated playlist on Spotify below.

About the First Collection

The Charlotte Moss collection for Century Furniture is available in Century showrooms throughout the country. Creating this collection for Century Furniture was one of those opportunities to sit back, close eyes and imagine how we live NOW.

Today we communicate differently, we entertain differently, we even think differently about how we use our space than we did just a few years ago. So you may notice some unexpected details in this collection, and here’s to hoping you do….

Through more than 20 years decorating, no matter the project – large or small – it always seems to come down to the same basic elements – livability, practicality and, of course, wanting it to look good.

The great thing about furniture is it moves! You can play with a floor plan, try different alternatives, and even have two or three plans for a room using the same pieces. Flexibility in decorating keeps it fresh – and always evolving.

Having worked with Century and their stellar team to put together Charlotte’s first collection, they had the benefit of experience, and have made upholstered pieces that are luxurious, but welcoming and hospitable. The wood finishes are elegant, sophisticated and modern.

It’s a collection for how we live today.

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