How Charlotte and Lisa Fine are Sheltering in Place

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As you spend more time at home these days, you might be realizing an update is in order. Designers Charlotte Moss and Lisa Fine have some ideas for what you can do now to improve your environment and how   to think about future design projects.

The two designers were scheduled to give a talk at the Carnegie Museum of Art last month, but it was postponed until next year by COVID-19 restrictions. Ms. Fine planned to discuss her latest book, “Near & Far: Interiors I Love” (Vendome Press, $60), which includes Ms. Moss’ home.

“I am self-quarantined at my house in East Hampton with my husband, Barry, and two dogs,” Ms. Moss said in a phone interview. “We feel very fortunate to be where we are, but we only leave the house to walk the dogs and take a beach walk each week. You cannot be careful enough.”

One thing the pandemic has done is to give people a long sustained look at their interiors. But will this experience have them changing their style?

“I think people will have more time to revisit their personal style and prioritize their needs,” said Ms. Moss.

“If getting cozier with more color and textures is it, great. If paring down is what’s calling you, then do it. The point is this: With time we can reflect on who we are and what we want,” she said.

Ms. Fine, who is spending the pandemic at her mother’s place in Texas, agreed.

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