All profits from sales of Home: A Celebration will be donated to No Kid Hungry What is home to you? Could any question be more fundamental? In this book—HOME: A CELEBRATION—interior designer and philanthropist Charlotte Moss asks this question of a captivating roster of 125 contributors, and not out of idle interest, but with a very specific objective. Moss’s inspiration for this project is Edith Wharton’s The Book of the Homeless (1916), a successful fundraising effort that aided refugees and children during the First World War. Filled with personal reflections, wit, creativity, and poignancy, HOME: A CELEBRATION is a thoughtful and inspirational book a reader will want to dip into again and again. Through the prism of their crafts and passions, each illustrious contributor presents an offering—either a personal essay, poem or work of art—on what home means to them. Historian Jon Meacham discusses books as the emotional infrastructure of the houses in his life. Photographer Oberto Gili documents the glorious garden at his property in northwest Italy. Chef Alice Waters proffers a recipe from her home garden. Interior designers—including Nina Campbell, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Steven Gambrel, and Kelly Wearstler—share aspects of their profession that define home in both their personal lives and professional projects. Other notable essays are from Joan Juliet Buck, Julian Fellowes, Bette Midler, Jill Kargman, Isaac Mizrahi, Joyce Carol Oates, and Gloria Steinem—125 charismatic contributors in all reflecting on the essence of home in a book that will benefit the most vulnerable among us: children living in food insecurity.