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Garden Inspirations


Having A Visual Life is about appreciating your surroundings, opening your eyes, noticing infinite possibilities and details, and curating inspiration. Every once in a while we need to stop, look, and really see what is around us. Whether we are visiting somewhere or in our own backyard it is important to be aware. Some places have an allure about them, some you will inevitably return to and some you will only see once and you have to take it all in. The journey is just as important as the destination.

After every trip I catalogue my photographs, print, edit, and make my selections. Eventually, they find their way in to one of my scrapbooks. My love of gardens and travel is undoubtedly infused with many things that I do personally and in my business. Whether it is relevant, important, or simply inspiring, it becomes a part of our visual memory.


Garden Inspirations is a continuation of each garden I have visited, from France to England, Russia, Spain, and Italy. Whether an allee that caught my eye, a sculpted hedge that changed my point of view, or a particular vista that held me captivated, it has been photographed, recorded, and eventually cut and pasted into a scrapbook.

My garden in East Hampton has also been a constant source of inspiration – for over twenty-five years I have recorded the changes, transitions, processes, and pleasures with the help of Lisa Stamm and Dale Booher. It may be a photograph of a certain arrangement in the perfect natural light, or the way the sun pierces through the sky at dawn with the silhouette of the trees as its backdrop, whatever it is – I have captured it, behind my lens and onto paper.


European Influences…

The European gardens I have visited – and long admired – have left their indelible mark. Postcards from various garden shows are saved along with plane tickets and categorized memory cards. The outcome is a complete record of a trip and all of the visual inspiration that could be culled from it. These are just a few that have lured me time and time again.

Château de Gourdon

Chateau de Hautefort


Chateau de Losse


Chateau d'Ainay-le-Vieil


Chateau de Versailles


Mapperton House


The journey is always, to be continued...