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The Digimarc Discover App and Garden Inspirations

Charlotte’s newest book, Garden Inspirations, was released last Tuesday – and here’s the inside scoop on what some lucky readers have found.

Inside, there are five images that lead readers to additional video content. Each video enhances and expands upon various chapter content and themes.


(Above: Page 14 – Collaboration)

The Digimarc Discover App works by scanning the page that’s marked with our “topiary” symbol. You hold your phone close to the picture (you don’t need to get the whole image in the frame – the app works by reading the watermark that’s embedded in the image) and next thing you know, a video is streaming on your phone!

You can find the topiary symbol in the upper left or upper right corner of five images throughout the book.


(Page 147 right – A Lifetime of Collecting)

This arrangement (above) leads readers to “A Lifetime of Collecting.” Charlotte has been collecting various vases and vessels for years, whether white, blue and white, baskets or silver, and this video showcases her collection – and furthermore – what she puts inside each and every one.



Winter in the Garden may not be as bright and colorful as the rest of Garden Inspirations, but its still a beautiful time of transition and change. At the end of Charlotte’s introduction, she briefly talks about how… and this video is full of additional content on winter in her garden. (Page 22 – top left)


The chapter titled, Verdant Voices, is full of inspirational women and their gardens. There were so many women to consider, it was hard to choose who would make it into the book. Charlotte has so many photographs and memorabilia from her trips to Malmaison, Empress Josephine was the easy choice. “Josephine’s Verdant Voice” is full of images from these trips and so much more. (Page 211)


Charlotte has traveled the world marveling at various gardens in different countries. With thousands of photos, she could have filled five volumes with photographs from her travels. “The Informing Spirit” is basically a travel log of these gardens, some she has only visited once, and others she has inevitably come back to. This video includes many French gardens that weren’t included in the book, along with one of Charlotte’s favorite Italian Gardens to visit, Villa Gamberaia.

Don't forget, when you see the topiary symbol:


Make sure to scan the photograph to see the videos!

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