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Fashion Faves…

As a STYLE.COM fan I have found it the best and most efficient way to select and edit choices for the coming season.  It minimizes the shopping, which is not one of my favorites, unless you are talking antiques, furniture, and objects.

The recent shows for Fall 2015 looked so good I couldn't resist not talking about them. Design is design no matter what the source, and more and more when the zeitgeist speaks we realize we are all truly related in our thinking in our respective disciplines. We ALL embrace the purpose to create beautiful things, whether to wear, sit on, drive, live in, eat with or simply collect just to look at. That's a topic we can explore forever, and will.

Here is a sample of some of our favorites for a season that looked pretty sassy. Long and layered, saturated and sheer, highly patterned by some, monochromatic by others. As Deborah Needleman said recently in T Magazine, “we live in what appears to be a post-trend fashion world – with no clear guidelines for our sartorial choices and an endless array of options.”

So, the solution is… rely on your own instincts, be true to your taste and prepare yourself for the compliments.


Carolina Herrera used natural elements as inspiration to create a collection both tailored and extremely feminine. Shades of grey graphically punctuated with white, red, and black. No sharp angles, but lots of curves.


There are few who cared more about making women look beautiful than Oscar de la Renta. Givenchy, Valentino and St. Laurent were also part of that special club and each had their loyal devotees. Now the baton has been smoothly passed to Oscar's hand picked successor, Peter Copping, and things are off to a great start. Congratulations, Peter.


Tribal patterns, boho layering, and bold contrasts spell young and fun at Tory Burch. Another designer that knows her customer and is obviously creating more and more along the way. Tory has a style that lends itself to mixing from season to season, giving her fans a chance to be themselves. We like that.


A saucy fresh take on pantsuits, everyone needs at least one!




Sophisticated, stream-lined, and sexy. It all works.


Materials, patterns, shapes, and combinations read sassy and playful.


Feminine and flirty Lela Rose knows what her customer wants and consistently delivers it.


When was the last time you saw rose petals on the runway? Tom Ford – showmanship and sex appeal.


Always classic, lux, must-haves.


Sophisticated, flirty and feminine - just our look.

More to Choose From...









Dennis Basso is a “more is more” kind of guy. And this kick*** coat says it all – and a perfect way to end our show.