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New York School Painters and Poets

COLLABORATION:  To work jointly with others especially in an intellectual or creative endeavor.

A celebration of collaboration and friendship, New York School Painters and Poets: Neon in Daylight features material that has fallen out of print or which only exists in archives, and special or personal collections. Letters, snapshots, and other rare ephemera, including a notable letter from Frank O’Hara to Jasper Johns giving him a reading list is just one example.

Not long ago Manhattan was a breeding ground for innovation and collaboration between artists, no matter the medium. This colorful social circle of postwar poets and painters, eventually coined as “the New York School,” collaborated with each other in the ‘50’s and ‘60’s on an unprecedented scale.

Rarely does a volume come along that not only captures a period in history but also transports readers there. This volume dives deep into the insights and creative genius of some of the best artists and poets of the twentieth century, such as Frank O’Hara, Willem de Kooning, Larry Rivers, Joan Mitchell, Grace Hartigan, John Ashbery, Alex Katz, and Philip Guston.

Creativity is celebrated throughout, but the sharing – the collaboration – and camaraderie, is what truly stands out here.

New York School Painters & Poets: Neon in Daylight
By Jenni Quilter
Rizzoli, 2014