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The 1970’s: Gypsy



This past weekend I was asked to share one of my favorite songs of all time for Marc Myers Playlist column in the Review section of the Wall Street Journal. Imagine… just one? I love music so this was a really tough one. It was not an easy decision, but one of the requirements was “lyrics that resonate.” I channeled Gypsy, by Stevie Nicks.

Gypsy” came out in the summer of ’82 on Fleetwood Mac’s ”Mirage” album, but to me, the song had a late 70’s vibe that I connected to.

And it all comes down to you
Lightning strikes, maybe once, maybe twice
And it all comes down to you

Those were lyrics that meant one thing then and yet, at the same time, they are lyrics for all time.



And it all comes down to you
Lightning strikes, maybe once, maybe twice
And it all comes down to you

The 1970’s were more than just a few late nights at Studio 54 – it was a time of individualism, self-determination, and self-expression. Music reflected this individuality in the form of diverse styles, the rise of popular rock and R&B. No matter the medium: fashion, music, poetry, or art, rules were tossed aside and people embraced authenticity. Furthermore, fashion was a form of self-expression, and what better way to declare your freedom than with the clothing and styles you chose to wear?

“The ethos of the moment was simple: If we were to be individuals, then our clothes should reflect our originality.” - Valerie Steele, Harper’s Bazaar

You remember the trends that graced the pages of fashion magazines: fur, platforms, fringe, statement hats, round sunglasses, and bellbottoms. Well, this Spring, Summer and looking to Fall, the 70’s have made a come back, albeit in moderation and with the blessing and interpretation of fashion designers everywhere.




70’s Style…


Suede, Prints, Jumpsuits


Bohemian Dresses, Statement coats, and patchwork




Bell Bottoms


Psychedelic Prints

 Groovy, Right?

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