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Why Not?
Mrs. Clinton Decorates…


Yes, you heard me. Saturday night in Bridgehampton at a dinner for the Clinton Foundation, President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton graciously answered questions after a delicious dinner in the newly created dining room of Tom Colicchio's Topping Rose. President and Mrs. Clinton spent an hour chatting with patrons prior to the dinner, and it was then that I learned about Mrs. Clinton's preferred downtime activities, post State Department.

Speaking with her briefly I asked, “Now that you have left the State Department what are you doing for fun?”

To which she QUICKLY responded, "Charlotte, I do for fun what you do every day, I worry about the paint colors, and where the chair is supposed to go, and then I ask my husband if he can move it a little to the left for me.”

At which point we all cracked up and went in to dinner.

Presidents are husbands too, so I guess they've moved a chair or two too.

And that's the way it is.