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May 4, 2016


Starting Your Own Traditions


This month in Charlotte’s House Beautiful column she writes about “Starting your own Traditions.” Some rituals become so much a part of our lives that we act instinctively: planning the annual family picnic and softball game, dressing up for Thanksgiving at Grandma’s, the “wrap of summer” oyster roast, or collecting change for UNICEF at Halloween. They’re not only how we celebrate but a part of who we are. Her friend, DeJuan Stroud, just published his first book on the subject, Designing Life’s Celebrations (Rizzoli) and here’s a sneak peak at what’s inside.


In DeJuan’s introduction he writes, “I wrote this book to share what I’ve learned and to show how details can enhance an experience and set it apart. When you are designing your table, I encourage you to examine the elements; notice color palettes; consider composition and placement; and pay attention to the surroundings. Through the parties featured in this book, I explore many of the details associated with home entertaining. From the curvy vine of a clematis to a baby artichoke weighting a napkin, each element has been carefully selected to provide balance and counterbalance.”


Jon and Dorothea Bon Jovi, who wrote the Foreword, explain, “What we love most about DeJuan is that his vision is our vision – he creates what his clients want, not what he wants. As you look through this gorgeous book you will see many different party spaces and floral arrangements, but they all have the following qualities in common: they are tasteful, elegant, and fun, which is exactly how we would describe DeJuan. Together we have had so much fun doing these parties. He is sweet and has a good sense of humor, and he doesn’t take his work so seriously that it becomes overbearing. Our guests always ask how we create such incredible parties; they think we must have a million meetings about details, and planning, but honestly, after so many years DeJuan knows exactly what we want even before we do, because he has been listening all that time."


Charlotte’s advice? “Be inspired! Start a new tradition, or give an old one a new lease on life. Soon everyone will be squirming with excitement and anticipation – I guarantee it.”


To read Charlotte's Article in House Beautiful, Click Here!

You can purchase Designing Life’s Celebrations at the Rizzoli bookstore, 1133 Broadway, New York, NY 10010, On Amazon Here, or at a local bookstore near you.

All images courtesy DeJuan Stroud, Designing Life’s Celebrations, Published by Rizzoli April 5, 2016. Photographed by Monica Buck.

A Walk Through the Gardens at Prieure d’Orsan

There is much to inspire at La Prieure Notre Dame D'Orsan.  Before I even entered the gate I knew that what was beyond was extraordinary.  What I didn't know is how it would alter my views on gardening, and on life.  Here are some photos selected from the hundreds I took on my visit this fall.

















Read Charlotte's article on La Prieure d'Orsan in the Wall Street Journal Magazine available on newsstands December 4th.

Please visit La Prieure d'Orsan's website for more information or to plan your visit to this beautiful garden.


The Charlotte Moss collection of fabrics and trims for Fabricut includes over 100 new items, including prints, wovens, and trimmings.  “Charlotte Moss is highly regarded in the industry as a powerful marketer and informed designer,” says David Finer, CEO of Fabricut.  Charlotte’s inspiration for the collection is drawn from antiques and vintage documents from her personal collection.  Other inspirations include architectural themes and, of course, her garden. Collaborating with the designers at Fabricut, direction and inspiration for the collection was found within her immense anthology of textile documents, items acquired during her travels and images she's captured behind her camera. Adding to her vision and attention to detail for this collection, each pattern name has its own story. Fabrics are named in honor of her muses – women travelers and explorers who pushed boundaries in many ways. Charlotte explains, "you knew what these women stood for, they had a mission, and as a result, left us legacies that inspire. They are like guiding lights."

Charlotte's second collection of fabrics and trims debuting in the 2015 features luscious wovens, fresh prints and stunning trimmings in three color stories - Canvas, Deep Coral and Watercolor.

“Bits of inspiration find you along your path or you find them. However the story goes, there was an attraction, an emotional reaction that caused the two of you to go home together. A tile, a turtle shell, a vintage scarf; a few of the things that inspired this collection...” -Charlotte Moss



Charlotte Moss Books
The Nancy Lancaster Vase

Based on the three tiered balustraded vase in Nancy Lancaster’s writing room at Ditchley Park. A limited number are now available for purchase.

16″w x 10″d x 18″h. Includes the vase, glass tubes and two spare tubes.

$2,700.00 (includes S/H)

Buy a personalized signed book here:



About Charlotte Moss

Since opening her business in 1985, Charlotte has designed private residences and executive suites all over the United States and the Caribbean. In addition to designing interiors, Charlotte Moss’ career has included retail stores, celebrated for Charlotte’s unique blend of American, European and Classical influences.

Having launched her career on Wall Street, Charlotte has a keen sense for the shifting sands of change, amid all her decorating prowess. Widening her reach in recent years, Charlotte Moss, LLC now brings her signature Flair for Living to consumers worldwide with collections available under license. She has designed fabric and trim for Fabricut, carpeting, sisals and soon-to-be scenic mural wallpapers for Stark Carpet, and china for Pickard. Most recently, Charlotte has used her experience culled from twenty-five years of decorating couture homes to design a collection of furniture and upholstery with Century Furniture. Charlotte’s collection of framed decorative art for Soicher-Marin, which launched at the High Point Market, is based in-part on her own photography.

Charlotte is a sought-after speaker, lecturing widely on all the arts of living. Recent lecture titles include:

  • “Where Ideas Come From”
  • “A Flair for Living”
  • “Having a Visual Life”
  • “Living Well: The Key to an Enduring Style”
  • “Age Defying Decorating”
  • “What Sparks Your Creativity?”
  • “Show Me the Content: Design Blogging Today”
  • “Design Muse: Great Women of Style”

She has written nine books to date. Her most recent title, Garden Inspirations was published by Rizzoli in April of 2015. In addition to writing books, she frequently contributes to The Wall Street Journal.

Charlotte’s work has been published in shelter magazines worldwide and she has received numerous awards, including The Timeless Design Award, given by the Royal Oak Foundation, Elle Décor’s VISION AWARD and Traditional Home magazine’s list of the worlds’ Top 20 interior designers. Last May, Charlotte was honored with the Circle of Excellence Award from the International Furnishings & Design Association (IFDA) for the field of interior design.

Charlotte considers her most important work to be her community service and philanthropy. She serves on the Boards of The Thomas Jefferson Foundation at Monticello, The Bone Marrow Foundation, The Elsie de Wolfe Foundation and the Advisory Board of The New York School of Interior Design, where she received an Honorary Doctorate Degree. Charlotte sits on the Acquisitions Committee at The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology. On May 16, 2013, Charlotte was honored by the Bone Marrow Foundation with the Brandon Tartikoff Award at the ‘Be A Lifeline’ benefit gala.