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“A little girl's sense of color and appreciation of beauty can be stimulated through flowers. Since Caroline was old enough to sit up in her carriage, we always looked for flowers and picked them on our walks.” -Jackie Kennedy
The Digimarc Discover App and Garden Inspirations

Charlotte’s newest book, Garden Inspirations, was released last Tuesday – and here’s the inside scoop on what some lucky readers have found.

Inside, there are five images that lead readers to additional video content. Each video enhances and expands upon various chapter content and themes.


(Above: Page 14 – Collaboration)

The Digimarc Discover App works by scanning the page that’s marked with our “topiary” symbol. You hold your phone close to the picture (you don’t need to get the whole image in the frame – the app works by reading the watermark that’s embedded in the image) and next thing you know, a video is streaming on your phone!

You can find the topiary symbol in the upper left or upper right corner of five images throughout the book.


(Page 147 right – A Lifetime of Collecting)

This arrangement (above) leads readers to “A Lifetime of Collecting.” Charlotte has been collecting various vases and vessels for years, whether white, blue and white, baskets or silver, and this video showcases her collection – and furthermore – what she puts inside each and every one.



Winter in the Garden may not be as bright and colorful as the rest of Garden Inspirations, but its still a beautiful time of transition and change. At the end of Charlotte’s introduction, she briefly talks about how… and this video is full of additional content on winter in her garden. (Page 22 – top left)


The chapter titled, Verdant Voices, is full of inspirational women and their gardens. There were so many women to consider, it was hard to choose who would make it into the book. Charlotte has so many photographs and memorabilia from her trips to Malmaison, Empress Josephine was the easy choice. “Josephine’s Verdant Voice” is full of images from these trips and so much more. (Page 211)


Charlotte has traveled the world marveling at various gardens in different countries. With thousands of photos, she could have filled five volumes with photographs from her travels. “The Informing Spirit” is basically a travel log of these gardens, some she has only visited once, and others she has inevitably come back to. This video includes many French gardens that weren’t included in the book, along with one of Charlotte’s favorite Italian Gardens to visit, Villa Gamberaia.

Don't forget, when you see the topiary symbol:


Make sure to scan the photograph to see the videos!

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Century Furniture and Charlotte launched her second collection of furniture for Century Icons in April of 2014, available in Century showrooms throughout the country. Creating this collection for Century Furniture was one of those opportunities to sit back, close eyes and imagine how we live NOW.

Today we communicate differently, we entertain differently, we even think differently about how we use our space than we did just a few years ago. So you may notice some unexpected details in this collection, and here's to hoping you do….

Through more than 20 years decorating, no matter the project – large or small – it always seems to come down to the same basic elements – livability, practicality and, of course, wanting it to look good.

The great thing about furniture is it moves! You can play with a floor plan, try different alternatives, and even have two or three plans for a room using the same pieces. Flexibility in decorating keeps it fresh – and always evolving.

Having worked with Century and their stellar team to put together Charlotte's first collection, they had the benefit of experience, and have made upholstered pieces that are luxurious, but welcoming and hospitable. The wood finishes are elegant, sophisticated and modern.

It’s a collection for how we live today.

Beaufort-Chair Jasper-TableMirrorShreveport-MirrorCarlisle-Charlottesville




Charlotte Moss Books
Garden Inspirations

Charlotte turns her eye to the garden as a resource for interiors, entertaining, and good living. This book shows the myriad ways the garden provides inspiration every day —indoors and outdoors. Touring readers through her own garden, she offers insights on how to bring the garden into home life. Garden Inspirations also features additional web content accessed by scanning watermarked pages in the book with the Digimarc Discover App.

Available Now!

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Garden Inspirations Book 1
Garden Inspirations Book 2

 As Featured In…

 House Beautiful-April 2015


 Country Living-April 2015


 NYC&G-April 2015


About Charlotte Moss

Since opening her business in 1985, Charlotte has designed private residences and executive suites all over the United States and the Caribbean. In addition to designing interiors, Charlotte Moss’ career has included retail stores, celebrated for Charlotte’s unique blend of American, European and Classical influences.

Having launched her career on Wall Street, Charlotte has a keen sense for the shifting sands of change, amid all her decorating prowess. Widening her reach in recent years, Charlotte Moss, LLC now brings her signature Flair for Living to consumers worldwide with collections available under license. She has designed fabric and trim for Fabricut, carpeting, sisals and soon-to-be scenic mural wallpapers for Stark Carpet, and china for Pickard. Most recently, Charlotte has used her experience culled from twenty-five years of decorating couture homes to design a collection of furniture and upholstery with Century Furniture. Charlotte’s collection of framed decorative art for Soicher-Marin, which launched at the High Point Market, is based in-part on her own photography.

Charlotte is a sought-after speaker, lecturing widely on all the arts of living. Recent lecture titles include:

  • “Where Ideas Come From”
  • “A Flair for Living”
  • “Having a Visual Life”
  • “Living Well: The Key to an Enduring Style”
  • “Age Defying Decorating”
  • “What Sparks Your Creativity?”
  • “Show Me the Content: Design Blogging Today”
  • “Design Muse: Great Women of Style”

She has written eight books to date. Her most recent title, A Visual Life: Scrapbooks, Collages, and Inspirations, was released by Rizzoli in the fall of 2012. In addition to writing books, she frequently contributes to The Wall Street Journal.

Charlotte’s work has been published in shelter magazines worldwide and she has received numerous awards, including The Timeless Design Award, given by the Royal Oak Foundation, Elle Décor’s VISION AWARD and Traditional Home magazine’s list of the worlds’ Top 20 interior designers. Last May, Charlotte was honored with the Circle of Excellence Award from the International Furnishings & Design Association (IFDA) for the field of interior design.

Charlotte considers her most important work to be her community service and philanthropy. She serves on the Boards of The Thomas Jefferson Foundation at Monticello, The Bone Marrow Foundation, The Elsie de Wolfe Foundation and the Advisory Board of The New York School of Interior Design, where she received an Honorary Doctorate Degree. Charlotte is also a member of the Executive Cabinet of The Leaders of Design Council, and sits on the Acquisitions Committee at The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology. On May 16, 2013, Charlotte was honored by the Bone Marrow Foundation with the Brandon Tartikoff Award at the ‘Be A Lifeline’ benefit gala.